Simple Changes …

26 02 2008


(The Law of Exponential Returns)

1.0 Never bribe any gov’t officials/personels, follow the procedure. No briber no taker.. period!

2.0 “Pumila po tayo”, you’ll know that every developed country do that.

3.0 Learn to segregate and proper diposal of garbages.

4.0 Read News. Read The Law. (MTM)

5.0 Participate in discussion like this in YOUR family. Get your children thinking about these issues. Practice critical thinking in your household. (MTM)

6.0 Practice Delicadeza (jubre)

7.0 Eliminate “Maniana Habit” and the so called Filipino time. Be on time always and practice time management to compensate for delays due to traffic, etc!

8.0 ” … ang problema din, pag nag-pito ng foul, mas marami pang violation para hindi marinig ung pito” (jubre)
<– because everybody thinks he’s always better than the rest,
<– why not shut our mouth for a while and let our ears do the work, then I’m sure we will be able to hear what the other person is saying.
<– Let’s STOP WHINING… and start do the act.

9. 0 “naalala ko tuloy ng sumasali sali pa ko sa mga student left groups nun… daming issues gusto labanan, puro dakdak… wala naman nagawa” (warhead)
<– same as number 8.0

Social/Community/Local Govt.

1.0 Let’s clean our enviroment and plant trees!

2.0 Dont give “puny” alms to beggars, let’s keep them out of the streets and
support NGO’s to train them and have a descent livelihood. Street children must
be fed regularly and sent to school, were do the govt budget and our taxes
goes? ….. to kurakot??!!
Must Spend it properly… esp to the children, for they are our futures.

3.0 Implement family planning. A MUST!

4.0 Pay the correct tax due (enzomax)

5.0 Chat regularly with your barangay/LGUs. Join town assemblies. (MTM)

6.0 Stop thinking that personal changes can be taken in isolation, without regard for the welfare of Filipinos surrounding you. (MTM)

7.0 Aim to participate in community service, whether as part of your local government, or in aid of your local government. This with the aim of improving your local community. (I’m sure some FMers are already actively part of homeowner’s associations, clubs, and the like here.) (MTM)

8. enter government service and lets apply above lists ourselves (jollibee9)
<– to all politicos wannabee dyan

9. Stop romanticizing sacrifices. The last phrase of our national anthem, “ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo” is stupid. Ika nga ni Gen. Patton, let our enemies die for their country. Last man standing is the winner. (bigbro)
<– “Magtanim ay di Biro Maghapon Nakayuko”… why do we need to suffer??
Modernization will solve all that planting troubles!

11. Stop celebrating lost causes. Fall of Bataan. Death of Rizal, Death March, etc. Mga losers po ang mga yon. About time to celebrate common triumph. Edsa 1 and 2 are divisive and should be archived. (bigbro)
<– come to think of it, mas marami pa ako naalala na trahedya at pagkatalo kumpara sa mga
triumphs?? Winning lang ni Paquiao naalala ko… kayo ba??

12. Reduce so many fiestas. Those are empty events. They are rooted from slavery of our forefathers. (bigbro)
<– Magagalit Lola at Lolo natin nito… hehehe

13. Make our society truly secular. Religion has no place in governance.

14. Stop glorifying poverty. There is nothing to be proud about it. “Its ok to be poor as long as happy” is hogwash. Those mouthing it never lived a truly poor life. (bigbro)

13. “engaging with you guys through this board is enough for me…. that is my share” (Jubre)
<– thank you, and a good public service at that matter.

15. “We are a fcking corrupt culture. Changes are just a matter of degree. That is reality. Those who emigrate to other countries, OK that’s their choice and it makes sense. Those of us who stay here, well, we know we live in a corrupt society and a corrupt culture and all these exhortations that we hear and all this religious zeal – again, historical perspective is needed. Been there done that – long ago. There is nothing new. Just carve out your circle of safety and prosperity for your family within this snakepit”. (anted’)
<– and we all know that, but is that supposed to be? And if we accept that as the case, are we going to be as happy seeing our children and grandchildren grow in this “fcking” society?
<– if we do not initiate changes now, who else will… and when?
<– NOW is the time!! Tomorrow may be too late!!

16. “and yes, definitely, taking to the streets now doesn’t mean that we want toppling of gov’t.. it just checks their power…pinapaalam natin sa kanila na tayo pa din mamamayan ang big boss at hindi sila.. kung tumahimik tayo baka lalong grumabe” (hottips)
<– a strong point, and that should be the actual case.
<– may I just add that since we majority of people can show our strength if needed be, let’s voice out strongly our concerns for change…like this which we are advocating…the more we can combine positively our individual efforts the more we can get better outcome…for the benefit of all Filipinos.

National Level

1. Implementation of National ID system (rgi)
1.a This will serve as stand alone documents.
1.b Registration System
1.c Integrated system
1.d In the future this will serve as our passport
…just imagine kung ilang corrupt goverment agency ang ma pe-phase out nito.

2. All gov transaction should be paid thru debit card or nets..e.g NBI,Income tax,Passport, NSO etc. (rgi)
<– agree ako ditto, moneyless transactions means no money to get in hand, no temptations..all transactions are recorded as well

3. Each one of us astrive to leave a lasting legacy for the Filipino Nation
in anyway we can.

4. A BOOK… GOOD IDEA AGAIN and then we’ll desiminate this to all filipino families (MTM)
<– we can all share on the upbringing of that book…

5. “its sad isn’t it? that we have to fight each other to preserve the little that we have, whether it be freedoms or property?”
<– really, really very sad fact. Come to realize that only if we all come to peace, we can divert our huge military budgets onto infrastructures, education and economic agendas.
<– let us all give peace a chance.

Let’s keep ideas coming !!! Whatever they maybe as long as we feel
it may have an impact on our maiden objectives..
Building a Better Philippines




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