Hawak Kamay – Yeng Constantino

31 03 2008

Intro: G-Em-C-D

G          Em          C        D
Minsan madarama mo kay bigat ng problema
G          Em               C
Minsan nahihirapan ka at masasabing
“di ko na kaya”
Am                  Bm
Tumingin ka lang sa langit
  C            D
Baka sakaling may masumpungan
Am            Bm
Di kaya ako’y tawagin
  C             D
Malalaman mong kahit kailan


     Em             C9
Di kita iiwan sa paglakbay
Dito sa mundong walang katiyakan
     Em             C9
Di kita iiwan sa paglalakbay
Sa mundo ng kawalan

(same chords lang kanina)

Minsan madarama mo
Ang mundo’y gumuho sa ilalim ng iyong mga paa
At ang agos ng problema’y tinatangay ka
Tumingin ka lang sa langit
Baka sakaling may masumpangan
Di kaya ako’y tawagin
Malalaman mong kahit kailan

(Repeat Chorus)


Wag mong sabihin nagiisa ka
Laging isipin meron kang kasama
Narito ako oh,Narito ako…

(Rpeat Chorus)

Sa mundo ng kawalan
Sa mundo ng kawalan


Stock Market Animals

30 03 2008

Know Your Stock Market Animals


A market monkey – also referred as Volume Monkey – are the traders that jump on anything that’s moving regardless of type or reason. There comes a time however when stalwarts of the stock – Bears and Bulls – may shake the monkeys off the tree (stock) by placing large sell orders, through capping, or leveraging quick buy-sells that frighten the monkeys down to a lower price – which is possible given the monkey does not have a fundamental knowledge of the stock in the first place.


Lemming investors are worse than sheep, more useless than donkeys and lose more often than a dog stock. A lemming, simply, has the inbuilt need to fail. There is no other way for a lemming to go.

Bull and Bear

The bull and bear represent a rising or falling market respectively. Bullish is to be optimistic, Bearish is to be pessimistic. A bear is a reality check and a bull is a wild fast ride. Neither side has the advantage in a sideways market. Ordinarily both animals are evenly matched (brains, ability) except that in a given market the prevailing climate favours one over the other.

Cash Cow

A Cash Cow is a steady income flow from your preferred product or service. A perennial that will be there year in, year out. Keep your cash cows!

Gold Bug

The Gold Bug can only dream one thing : Gold! In physical form or as script, in good times and bad, gold is rarely out of fashion.


Ostrich investors bury their heads on bad news and hope everything will be fine once they emerge.


Elephants are big, huge, mega! An elephant can be a stock that goes up and up. As a term it can define a large resource that leads to a stock’s momentum, such as : “This is elephant country” when referring to prospecting mineral ore bodies in greenfield projects.


Turkeys think they look great when they look ridiculous. You’ll find a turkey or two in boardrooms. Unfortunately you’ll also find them in your portfolio if you don’t take care.


Donkey speculators buy into anything. Usually they pick “unfortunate” propositions.

Cockroach Theory

The theory is that when one problem is found there is usually a few more lurking, and the smart investor will wait to commit once a clearer picture emerges. Cockroaches are fast and difficult to catch, and where you find one, his mates are sure to follow.


A Whale is a big buyer, a large order for shares in a market depth queue. Perhaps they have knowledge of news on the way, and cannot wait to buy slowly / through autobots. They are prepared, at a good price, to take a large tranche of shares in one hit.


Deer stand stiff with fright when confronted with an important split-second decision. The Deer Investor can Hold, Buy or Sell but in reality all the Deer does is stand there hopelessly making no decision, by default a hold, in circumstances where a Buy or Sell is required quickly.

Doves and Hawks

The two views on interest rates vs. inflation, represented by the Dove (high inflation, low interest) and the Hawk (low inflation, high interest). A person is either seen as Dovish or Hawkish, and is more oft referred in political circles, financial controllers.


Stags realize a profit on the first day of a new stock listing, having purchased before market in an IPO. Their margins are made on over-subscribed offers where they can confidently sell to those buyers who missed out in the first round and are now required to purchased on market.


Sheep investors bunch into opportunities without due diligence.


Snakes are pilferers, liars, schemers. One who shamelessly asset strips, juggles books, divests. An underhand company director, a dishonest broker.


A rat is very sensitive to his environment. When you see these guys jump ship you know the game is up.

Lame Ducks

A lame duck trader loses on every hand, buying high and selling low.


Gorillas dominate the industry they are in to a virtual monopoly. Competing against them is akin to a stick of celery taking on a cannon.


Cold, calculating and precise, the shark may hunt in a pack or alone. In the markets, shark activity is often referred during Hostile Takeovers. The feeding frenzy that follows is also very shark like.

Vulture Capitalists

Takes advantage of a company that is in a vulnerable position financially. Unlike Venture Capitalists, a Vulture Capitalist is to the detriment of a business and is usually around at the bitter end, hastening a demise in their favour.

Dead Cat Bounce

When a stock bellyflops in price and comes back only momentarily before its final journey down.


The Dog Stock is the template under-performing company which is present during either Bull or Bear markets. They may be penny dreadfuls or highly priced – the criteria is they must continually under-perform. A dog stock that goes ever lower in value is known as a Dog With Fleas.

Forex Trade 27Mar08

27 03 2008

today… early morning i traded forex but i had misread the trend and quickly lost some 25 pips.

this late morning we have an outside meeting, while i was still on a trade, i decided to put 5 mini lots on short EUR/USD.. set stop loss at +15 above previous high and target at +30 pips. that is 1:2 risk reward ratio.

after coming back from a meeting, i checked back on my trade and it was closed! target hit! erasing early loss and gaining a net profit of 30pips. thank god!

…however, greed has still consumed my head so i trade again, this time gaining 10 pips more only to find it wiped out by volatile movement. i messed up my plays by not consulting on short and long time frames.



Goal #5, ABC’s of Gold Investing – Done!

23 03 2008

Ordered: April 01’08

Delivered: *** 

 Cost = $10.17 










23 03 2008

That is the most powerful word i believe! My FAITH tells me that there is a reason why i was created in this world. And it’s my obligation to find that purpose in order to justify my CREATOR’S effort on bringing me up forth. Lest i waste that precious effort and spent my time unwisely, i may never get the reward that is due in proper time. Like stocks, I may go Bullish or Bearish, either way directional path is well defined. If i only go sideways… time is wasted without going nowhere.

That is my FAITH! and that is what I BELIEVE!

The Real Value of Goal Setting.

20 03 2008

Why Some People Almost Always Attain Good Health, Career Success and Personal Breakthroughs Even in Less-Than-Ideal Circumstances…

Experience these scientifically backed audio and lessons, and learn the key to Achieving your Goals and the Life of your Dreams—EASILY and NATURALLY.

Did you know that people who meditate daily are much more successful than those who don’t?

They set goals that they can accomplish. And, their sense of purpose is much higher than that of non-meditators. In fact, meditators are so much more focused that a lot of huge corporations are more eager to hire meditators than the rest of the general population.

Meditators’ minds are also infinitely more peaceful, and their iron-clad resolve is victorious in stormy times.

That’s one reason why many high-flying career people, and even millionaires, meditate.

Did you know that meditators make better spouses and parents? That they seem to have divine wisdom when it comes to age-old relationship problems, and kindness and love seems to flow out from their very being.

Did you also know that meditators are more capable of thriving in this crazy pressure-cooker environment known as modern life? They have less fear, bitterness and resentment, and they live impervious to a world that is stressed out and grating on the senses.

So with all these advantages, why isn’t everyone meditating?

The answer is twofold.

Firstly, to get life-changing results, you have to meditate a long time. Several hours a day, for years into decades. Furthermore, meditation on that level is BORING! Long periods of silence alternates with growing frustration and yet nothing happens.

Secondly, even after the years-and-years of diligent meditation, the temporary peace you feel can’t seem to translate back into this place called Earth! It seems that the paltry results you are getting is allergic to REAL LIFE.



“I Have A Dream” – Martin Luther King Jr.

19 03 2008