FOREX Trading

6 03 2008

I had started playing forex trading games via and

Enrolled an account at OANDA, waiting for my PAYPAL accounts to be verified.

Planning to enroll to FOREX as well.

My main objective here is to gain forex trading experience and confidence for at least a month.

After that, i will start trading actual cash starting at $500.00

Game results update:


….to date, start play amount of 50K, lost 35K., lot size;100K, Lev; 200:1

….shifted play to OANDA.


March __, started with $100,000.00 play amount., lot size; any amount, lev; 10:1

March 4 and prior, lost 9K+/-, balance=89,000+.(no defined strategy, variable time frames and selection filters)

March 5, gained 8K+, balance=97K+ using strategy of trading the range @ 15min time frame, (Selection filters: experimented with MAin trends, bollinger bands, MACD, Stochastics and 10pips S/L above H/H or L/L), recorded hit/loss score for batting averages.



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