Forex Trade – “April Fools Day”

1 04 2008

Today i seemed to have fooled myself and blown away my mind. But this is not only today, it has been like this since last night! I blew away a perfect trade on hand because of that damn 20 pips STOP LOSS!!

TODAY I WAS STOPPED 3 trades because of tight stop loss. There I go again, not following my rules so the result is, a lost opportunity and a price to pay! It costs me $75.00 at least. 

This fear of loosing is killing my nerves and totally wasting all the good opportunities that had came along.

So is today just an extension of that bad day yesterday?? What is happening??

On second thought, as it just occured to me now, is that i am just being given a new set of learning experience. Since i am gunning later on to trade bigger (once my hedge fund goes online) then i must quickly grasp the idea of trading big and not just scalping for small change. I must think now not in tens nor hundreds but in THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

I am also seeing that i trade poorly if i did not follow the trend and establish the trading range early on.

Well, all is not lost for today. As they said, a price must be paid for a bigger reward to come.

And with that, i am getting more confident now… bigger rewards shall come later as i get to toughen myself on this rough business of currency trading.





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