Toastmasters Speech Contest

9 04 2008

On friday,  April 11, 2008

For the Toastmasters Area Level Contest, I will be contesting for the international speech category. Wish me all the best!! My first area level contest participation.



I did well!

hmmm… at least that was most feedbacks i got from audiences. Personally i also gave my best at the given situation. It was my first time rising up the stage and deliver a speech to an area level contest. And they all like my speech, there was the essence of a good speech and gestures.

But, inexperience does it again. I actually did not lost on judging! I lost on time… i got over the time limit and i was disqualified! Darn Me! I got so engrossed delivering my speech and I totally missed checking the lights! This time, I blew my window of opportunity!

Anyway, deep inside i knew i had won! YES! I had conquered my stage fright, i had a stummer yes, but not so evidently. and I am really improving on my speech writing. The ideas are flowing now like a river, the organization from opening, body and conclusion were already there.

And I had a great encouragement recieved from one of the distinguished winners. The humorous king! He gave me a high encouragement to strive harder as he is seeing a good potential in me! And that is my winning!!

Inexpereince will be diminished in proper time. Slowly but surely i will be there!!

And I know now what are the things to done!! I lost on time but still, CONGRATULATIONS on ME!! See you in my next speech contests!

(personal note: after reviewing my recorded performance, i found some of my flaws. For one, i deviated from my speech draft, like, giving add libs that were not in script, it spent time! Another, not able to anticipate proper timing on acts (gestures and visual aids). next time, rehearse! rehearse! and rehearse! and must stick to the game plan!)



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