Our Habits Control Our Lives

16 04 2008

Learn on how important it is to establish a solid moral and ethical constitution in our lives and the value of having a solid work ethic. Don’t forget, who and what you are is what you will bring to every act or trade you make. You will bring all your good habits and all your bad habits alike. All your good habits will enhance your trading, but all your bad habits will be magnified and most certainly intensify as you trade and could potentially destroy you. I pointed out that we are not what we think we are. We are not what we tell other people we are. We are not what we verbally promise to other people. We are what we do. What we do is who we are. Our actions are our automatic habits. Those habits force us in a position to either manage our daily poverty, daily mediocrity, or daily success. Learning to become a successful currency trader is a dream of thousands of people around the world. Let me assure you, it is a worthy goal. I have learned that every dream is in the mind of the believer and in the hands of the doer. We are not given dreams without being given the power to make them come true. If you are not making the money in your life you always dreamed of, per-haps it is because you are locked into a series of unproductive work habits or a self-destructive mindset. Perhaps you have created a mental block that has stopped you from earning more than you think you are worth. If you want to earn more than you are earning right now, you must upgrade your self-concept. Always remember: “If another person can do it, you can do it.”



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