April 20 ’08

20 04 2008

…today, it’s a mixture of joy and mental contemplations.

at work, my mind is drifting away from 100% focus. the tight schedule and the expectations from that two months now in the making project is pushing the team leaders at the edge, especially me. how i wished we can just get to wrap it up quickly and smoothly as possible, but as the way life is… you just can’t really get it all work out the way you wanted to be.

…to console my mind, i dropped by at the book store, and right after i emerged from the final step leading to first floor, there it was, the book that seemed to stand-out taller than the rest. as if it was waving and shouting loudly welcoming me upon arrival.

what book was that? is was that book stacked infront of the bargain shelves, named “How to Become a Pilot”….hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm… i sensed something here. A manifestation of….? hey, check one of my long term goals!

…i like to share you something, here it goes… when your instinct tells you to act, act upon it quickly without giving any second thought! so i did grab that book and immediately felt a tingling sensation, and i felt good!

…then i proceeded to the business section, where i had my day really going! there it was my shorterm goal #6! and just like the book i mentioned earlier, it had done the same thing to me the last time i visited the bookstore, however at that time i only browsed it but did not bother to take it out. that is how it came to be listed on my goals…and today that goal was completed!

…i took up with these two books an equally interesting copy about intuition, then scrimmage at the stack of bargain DVD movies and saw a copy of Charlie Chaplin, and took it as well.

…so there goes my monthly budget for intellectual development materials, sort of feeding my mind. As always, it’s all about Money well spent! Invest in your mind, it’s the greatest investment you’ll ever have!

To conclude, it’s a wonderful day after all … God Bless !



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