Goal #10, Swim +200m – Done!

24 04 2008

Swim +200m Tomorrow.. 25April ’08

..woke up @ 5AM, checked stocks and forex and found that i survived last nights close calls on forex. i hope the trend will go on my favor now. made some adjustments on the stop loss and prepared for the swim, drove 15mins or so and arrived at my regular swim site between intercon and west bay at around 630AM, the weather looks great, while preparing for the swim and stretching, i could’nt help but observe the morning sun glimmering and sparkling at the waves and it was such a wonderful experience.

…and there i was, diving to the water and off i go for todays goal. i decided to take it lightly and focus on breast stroke to fine tune my strokes. it was such a good swim that i ever had for a long time. while concentrating on the strokes, i was kind of distracted on my nose a little bit irritated by salt water as i breath but somehow manage to force my mind to focus and i suddenly felt the most awesome feeling for the first time. it was as if i was just floating in the air seemingly flying, no resistance had i felt from the water…it was really awesome! sadly it only last for a short while and i suddenly came back to realization of the swim.

to conclude, i did achieved my goal for today!! it was around +200m breast stroke and +30m free style. Once again, congratulations to you Haribon! keep it up and all the best!!



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