Swim to that Island!

2 05 2008

today is my regular friday swim routine…

i refreshed last night on swim techniques by re-reading my triswim e-book and watched video clips of the drills that needs to be mastered in order to become a good swimmer.

i decided afterwards to swim with my fins in order to strengthen my swim legs and help me on performing the swim drills.

This morning as i get to start my routine, the sea was a little bit choppy due to winds that has been around since yesterday, it caused a gloomy atmosphere with the sand stormy like weather engulfing the city. and the sun may not shine fullbright today as its rays was blocked by the fine sand paticles thickly covering the air.

nevertheless, it is my swim day and must swim as i planned to.

it was supposed to be a regular swim/drill routine, but something deep inside aroused an urge to upstage conquering one of my medium term goals. a recollection, a year or so i had made the same goal, that of swimming a preset long distance of 1.00K…which i am proud to had achieved! But nowadays my fitness level were at the abbyss.

today after 200m plus of varying swim stroke, my desire grows so overwhelming to resist.


It felt great swimming midway through but after passing by that zone, my mind is in dillema of continuing or simply dropping off?

I suddenly felt being at the point of no return… I choose to continue.

Merely 200m away from the island’s shore, i resorted to easy strokes to rest and revitalize my mental drive to finish. at this juncture, i am no longer worried of not reaching the island… i knew i can!

Now hear this! At the back of my mind, greater anguish boils up to the ream that must be dealt with!

What is that?

Of thinking how to swim back!

Now that i’m almost there, if i chicken out at that instance, how will i be able to swim back to shore? that small  island was such a no mans land, nothing you can see there but rocks and sand and sea that sorrounds. i don’t have a mobile phone brought with me to call for rescue in case needed to be picked up… sort of a life or death situation huh?

Hold for a moment…

I will attest to some facts, that “a challenge will never be given if the higher intelligence knows that i can’t be managed”.

indeed, an awesome discovery for me today. it dawned on me right while i swam towards that island.

if i were to ask you, if you’re to swim on the beach and after a few meters the water below gets deeper than you can reach, will you still go further deep?

An experienced swimmer may say, Yes. But for how far will he go deeper is a different story.

My desire to swim further up to that island is something most people would even dare not think about. you may even call my story a crazy fools tale.

today, foolish or not, i am simply going for my goal. I knew it can be achieved in the future but achieving it today is realy worth something… a wonderful thing to experience and the exhiliarating feeling overflowing to the brim….  purely ecstacy!!

i am now more of a believer rather that a non-believer, of the saying that “whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve”… and another, the higher intelligence will make ways possible for us to achieve our goals once we get to decide and proceed with the journey.

along the way we will get to assess how daunting the task it is to conquer and we may experience despair. on certains occasions when fear is so big to surmount by logical reasoning, all of a sudden some turn of events will be brought upon us that can make us change our minds to be refreshen up, thereby deciding to proceed ahead with the task of reaching goals.

on my swim midway past to the island, my mind was entertaining the thaught of conceading defeat,  give up the challenge and just try again another day. but as i said, some event may materialize infront of us that will help us decide to continue.

can you guess what is that event that helped me fulfill my desire to reach the island and swim back from it confidently? any guess?

it was supposed to be a deep water swim from the shore unto the island, but guess what? right past midway there was a small submerged island! Yes it was there! And as i stand on it my head was barely above water line! Who would ever think it was there? How would i ever know it was there if i hadn’t attempted to fullfill my goal today? As it was there, i considered it a blessing from heaven for me! I was able to stand there for a few minutes rest and regained strength to finally swim to the island.

On my swim back to shore, i used the same spot to serve as my resting point and was confidently able to swim back to shore with enough strength left.

The morale lesson i had learned from that experience? In our life we must strive hard for a worthy goal to be achieved once in a while. And when facing great obstacle, let us not be worried of unachieving, for once we get to believe that we can do it all things that we will ever need to fuel our desire will be given to us by the higher intelligence.

All we have to do is believe that we can do and it will be achieved!

Congratulations once again Haribon! Good Job!




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