Oil, Oil, Oil !!

7 08 2008

Dear All,

guys, have you ever thinked about why the world we live is warming up continuously?
except from greenhouse effect, what could have been other causes??

i am thinking that because of the rapid pull out of oils under the ground, the earth is in itself warming up from the inner core outwardly.

so what has using oil to do with affecting this global warming?

well, like our car engine, we do have our coolant to maintain the engine temperature. since oils were mostly found deeply underground, some of which are almost near the molten crust or magma…. if these oils were pumped out
then that layers of oil that serves as coolant will no longer cease to fulfill its role.

and then, the heat from down under radiates outwardly to the atmosphere and thus heating up the land masses and even the bodies of water thereby drastically altering the weather conditions, which is happening now isn’t it?

….hmmm, just a product of wild imagination, but who knows, it might be true somehow ??!!




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