Toastmasters – Life as a current president (2008-09)

28 10 2008

Life in Toastmasters as a president is what you may say, fun and exciting at times but dull and boring most often. The responsibilities accompanied with it is something few people from my club dared dealing with.


The way i see it, has something to do with priorities. Most members take it for granted thinking that the benefits are not that much in comparisson to rewards attainable if time and effort is dedicated to individual carreers. Dedication to growth in leadership and communications skills are always given a back seat… only a handful exhibits potential to take the helm when my tour of duty is over.

However, i still took the responsbilities thinking it will increase my potential for growth both personally and professionally. It is also a good avenue to establish a base for networking and venturing out.

So far, the fruits i am expecting are yet to be seen. But i am not about to give up yet, i believe that whatever initiative i invested from this endeavor… only in the future will i get to recieve equivalent returns. The rich gains of which i will re-invest in an everlasting pursuit of my true purpose of this thing we called life.




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