Jose Silva – Silva Ultramind ESP System

6 11 2008

Jose’s Biography

Go to the About Jose section to learn more about the life and work of this outstanding and gifted man. If you want to read more about Silva’s Biography, we have provided some very interesting highlights and insights in the biography section. We have also included a wonderful article about Jose’s original silva method system, which is one of the best pieces ever written about his unique and powerful mind control system. Of course, you can also look up Silva’s books and publications, purchase the latest Ultra Mind Control home study course and other products.¬†

By the late 1940s the study of hypnosis had attracted my attention. I had read about hypnosis in several psychology books and wondered how difficult it would be to learn it. I was trying to figure out how to start, when I read an ad in a San Antonio newspaper about a hypnotist who was teaching weekend classes. I went to San Antonio every weekend to attend the course and bought the books the hypnotist recommended. I also researched as far back as I could to find books covering the beginning of hypnosis from the days when the practice was called “magnetism,” then “mesmerism,” and finally “hypnotism.”

When kids started reading Silva’s mind

Since I had already found methods and techniques the children could use to achieve the original goals of the research, that is to help them learn to relax and relieve stress, to increase their attention span and concentration and therefore improve their grades in school, I immediately stopped working to enhance the IQ factor and started instead to see if we could enhance the guessing factor. First, I devised experiments to see if Isabel could learn to be more accurate in guessing what I was going to say. She became very accurate at that. At the time I felt that she had to be in the same room with me to be able to do this. She became very accurate at diagnosing health problems of people in their presence. But then one day we discovered that we did not have to limit ourselves in this manner. A woman who lived nearby told us that her sister in Chicago had a tumor. Isabel entered her clairvoyant level and accurately described the tumor, telling us it was wrapped around the heart and doctors would not be able to get in there and remove it. The neighbor started crying and said Isabel was correct. When I saw how accurate she had been, I asked Isabel to look around and tell me about the environment in the house in Chicago. She described a baby and the woman who was changing the baby’s diapers. I told her to look around the room and describe it. She did, telling us that on the night table near the bed there was a unique ash tray, one that looked hand made, but made of twisted metal with the ends turned up looking like a shell.

Jose and his Silva Method withstand scientific doubts

Dr. S then said, “Well, there is no question about it, you have proven to be correct in your theory. We figured that if you were a fraud, you would not have accepted our invitation. And when you accepted our invitation, we thought, ‘Maybe he only thinks he is right’.” Then we felt we could straighten out your mistaken concept. But here you have proven to be correct.”

Our first remote viewing health diagnosis

Fascinated by hypnosis




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