Taking a Life Path…

10 11 2008

I am not that fully fulfilled yet to share whatever I had achieved on my desire to have a better life.

However, allow me to put into perspective the priciples that guides me. And these are, “GOAL SETTING”, “KNOW YOUR PASSION, MAKE IT HAPPEN” and respecting the value of the most precious aspect we call “TIME”.

We all must have a map or blueprint of whatever we desire to achieve. If we want to have 1M in the bank after 5 years, we must determine how much we need to save in order to achieve that. Plan it and take the action…with focus and dedication!

Any business that we desire to undertake must come from our innermost desires. As we all know, it is easier to learn any subject or activity when it is alligned to our passion. If we love computers, we will find it easy to learn the ways and means of a computer business. My passion is on risk taking (stocks, forex and the like) and FARMING!.

Who would not like of an early retirement, collecting rents, and enjoying life most of the time. Awakening each morning immersing on the beauty and scent of a garden bringing joy to body, mind and spirit. While sipping a cup of tea, checking stock markets. Able to allot plenty of time on family, sports, rest and recreation. Who would not like that?

This is my on-going life experience, on applying these guiding priciples. Looking forward to bigger long term goals, slowly but surely, seeing to it that the pieces of the puzzle coming forth to proper places…in proper time, that goal shall manifest into full completion.

Where do you think am I going from here?

For better and better…




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