Life’s Transition, at the helm of the moment…

5 07 2009

i am a regular frequenter of this blog site:

and i must say, his ongoing life-works inspired me a lot…. especially that moment when he has to take either that “red pill” or the “blue pill”.  very much representative of a crossroad in life that a decision making is nothing but inevitable.

indeed, we all do arrive on that crossroad of our life in one way or another.

And soon, as time ticks by… i will be stepping forward to decide which path to take.

one thing that is dawning on me with certainty now, is that i may have to live a life that will be a concoction of my past, present and future self.

some of my most beloved physical activities of the past kept idle for almost 5 years or so shall manifest back with rejuvenated new found vigor… this time gearing up to greater heights of accomplishment.

the present endeavors, professional and career wise will serve as my spring board that will catapult higher, however this time deviod of the tying commitments of the regular 8-6 rat-race routines.

at this time around, humble self will be managing and producing better results at own pace dictated by momentum of the passion that burns from within.

as for the condiments of all other facets of well-being, they will all come at each pre-determined time of fulfillment.

i am difinitely in no hurry now… as for once, i am to enjoy time as it slowly inched its way unto the future.

for better and better …. 🙂



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