Bowling Time

27 12 2009

Doing this for the betterment of mind, body and spirit.

Life gets better and better. šŸ™‚



Feb 10: Ohh that was almost 2 weeks of MIA. But today i am really attesting to myself to be finding the truest form as i scored +200 in a practice. From now on the focus will be on consistency. All the Best!!

Jan 27: a little bit of improvement now makes big in the long run… just keep on coming.

Jan 19: today’s practiceĀ is a lot better than previous ones asĀ i am now finding a better style with higher consistency potential and will focus more on harnessing this style the next time around…. for better and better šŸ™‚

Jan 12: Regular weekly bowling practice. I’m still focusing on finding my own style.

Jan 5: Finally! After more than a month of lull, iĀ did returnedĀ to the lanes. And even met Alfred, UFBQ co-member currently on vacation. I had 6 games within an hour and not so much to expect in scores and still on the process of finding my real groove … as to improve skillsĀ and consistency.


In keeping up with my bowling skills development, i had re-started bowling practice last Nov. ’09 and scheduled it every monday afternoon. Although on this December season, i had a lull due to hectic gardening activities plus the fact that the bowling lanes are pre-occupied by league tournaments…

Am i backing out now?Ā  NO! i am notĀ shelving it down. I’ll start practicing again tomorrow if the lane permits.



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