31 08 2010

Oct 2010: The experiment of planting cucumber and tomato on 6L water bottles are on the go with good results by far. Hoping to harvest fruits anytime soon!!

Aug 28~30: I re-organized my stair well trellis arbor, relocated the PET bottle experiment and signed off the initial pechay experiment (no good result). I took one lettuce seedling from SNAP box and put it on one of the initial PET bottle (rebored; put an overspill hole lower than the aeration holes, and put a hole on cap to induce capilliary action from below) and hanged it on the trellis bar… now, for further observation.

Aug 13~27: Observation of SNAP growing system using styropor boxes lined with PE plastic film. Within this timeframe, an idea came to mind to instead use Softdrinks PET bottles (1.5~2.0L). I cut the bottles put holes on them, used the upper part as plant/soil mix holding medium and the lower part as nutrient reservoir. I put the upper part inverted to the lower part and tied them to hang on a bar. I initially put up pechay seedling to observed some result. However, since the petchay seedlings are weak and stunted, they showed very poor results after almost 2 weeks of observation.

Aug 12, 2010: I attended SNAP seminar at UPLB.