‘Project 2009~2010 : Roof Top Vegetable/Flower Garden

31 12 2010

Surely… I’m getting there ūüôā

Sad to say, the project had come to a full stop and will probably be that way ’till the end of the year…. why? i had to focus on other matters. Primarily home improvement and make-over.

Nov 04: Hmmmm, i maybe wrong on some sowed seeds but i’m not sad at all in fact i’m ecstatic!! Some of the eggplants had germinated.. hope that the rest follow suit. ūüôā

Nov 01: As of this day, the seed sowed a week ago had been totally fluked…not a single one germinates!¬†I don’t know what happened, but i did sterilized the soil mix… maybe the glass cover boxes cooked the seeds on a hot day plus the fact that the sowing trays are of black plastic.. really cooked?! maybe? not¬†sure…

Two weeks passed by without me seeing any progress on my structural works… am i slacking off?

Oct¬† 24: Early AM, once again i discovered that caterpillars are trying to re-infest as i had found plenty of young hatchlings munching up on the saluyot bunch. Oh well, i can’t really dropped my guard on them. Today i bought at the plant market 4 bags of compost mix and will use is to sow new batch of seeds. I also took a mid-sized Poinsettia and maybe transplant it later to bigger container pot in order to grow bigger…

PM: sowed cucumber, eggplant, chili and lettuce using sowing trays covered with¬†germination glass boxes (3nos). This case i did not cover it with black plastic sheet… let’s see for results.

Oct 23: Today i declared the HP experiment on cucumber a success and hereby¬† putting it to a close. Summary: I was¬† amazed at the thickness of the roots it developed and gave me 6 juicy and crispy fruits. On Next experiment i will used bigger container for nutrients and maybe at grow at least a dual of them for more fruits! One thing to note is that fruits must be covered to prevent fruit flies from attacking them.. “life gets better and better”.

This AM, ‘was contemplating of making seed¬†germination cover frame out of pvc pipes¬†and plastic sheet cover but¬†was sleasy pushing thru, and then by afternoon an idea came to use old and unused glass aquariums. Thus, prepared the set-up and almost ready to go except that i need to get the sowing mediums and sterilized it before use… will work on that tomorrow.

Oct 20: I did an early morning harvest of pechay, ampalaya and cucumber plus a petal of rose and orchid. Had a cucumber for breakfast. Nice way to start the day…

Oct 18-19, 2010: Typhoon “JUAN” passes through the Philippines concentrating its strength at the Northern Luzon part. My roof garden is saturated with the rains and gladly that’s all about it.

Oct 16-17, 2010: Continued working on arbor/arc trellis¬†and at the end of the day, at a partial span, was able to¬†complete putting into form the components thus able to view¬†the final outlook. Within the end of this month, the¬†full span of west side arbor shall find its true form. This afternoon, i was not able to resist temptation of munching the first cucumber fruit… and it was really a pleasant surprise to discover the juicier and sweeter taste¬†¬†compared to those i planted on soil years before… and did i mentioned the taste test happened after¬†a weeks’ time from blooing and there were atleast four more awaiting harvest!! I am really falling in love with this renewed endeavor on HP.¬†Let’s wait till the tomatoes take centerstage! once again, ideas kept flowing and it just came into mind of putting the lettuce planter boxes overhead at the level of arbor beam supports, maximizing¬†space usage so to speak and¬†will work on this on next schedules. Some pechay on the planter bed are ready for harvest in few days. Yes¬† Indeed, life¬†gets better and better ūüôā

Oct 12, 2010: This AM, the Cucumber had finally bloomed its first fruit. However, due to absence of¬†pollinating¬†bees around, i had to swab cotton bud from male flower onto that female bud. I am expecting also at least 3 more female bud to bloom in the following days….shall i say, expect harvest in a weeks’ time? ¬†Hope the tomatoes to bloom as well soon!!

Oct 11, 2010: This AM, I cut the tops of cucumber side runners up to the nearest fruit buds in order to prevent further side blooms and let these runners focus the sustenance toward the fruit buds. By doing this, i also encourage the main stem to grow higher. Cucumber are really heavy drinkers of water and nutrients. Every morning i had to fill up the container with tap water, add a dab of complete fertilizer every three days in succession. By weekends, i add nutrient mix to the growing containers.

Oct ~~10, 2010: Lots and lots of things happened.

Finally managed to control the caterpillar infestation but still need to keep up vigilance since few still come up once in a while. Early mornings find me busy tendering the garden, sort of daily morning meditation while weekend keeps me busy continuously concreting the roof. Some good developments on the HP experiment; the tomatoes and cucumber are growing with vigor and ¬†I am expecting fruits to bloom anytime soon!! Yesterday i treated myself to freshly made calamansi juice from my mini calamansi tree…. juicy_licious! I should note here the inclusion of kangkong experiment on my SNAP trays ( i joined them with the pechays). Ampalaya vines are in full bloom as well with at least two fruit doing well into full development. The pechays on planter bed is on the go as well. Ahhhh… don’t forget to mention the plentiful flowering spikes coming out of the orchids… within two weeks time they will be showcasing variety of colors once more. As for that experiment on rose stem propagation on which i encased a stem with black plastic filled with soil mix… let’s see the result after a week’s time and if successful on growing roots, i’ll do the same with calamansi (thinking out load of homegrown expansion here). Meanwhile, Beautiful Orchids and Roses’ bloom gets their way onto our living room flower base. Yes, Life gets better and better … ūüôā

Oct. 01, 2010: “One October to Remember”

Garden clearing and de-infestation!

Today i had to skip work in order to implement urgent de-infestation of the garden. I pulled out all sweet potato vines and crush all caterpillar at site. Will need to do mopping up on the other areas that may harbor the remainders. I also rearranged the roses to the middle-top beam support. Later, will do some concreting on the support beams to be used later at flatform for HP planters. As i write this, i am watching butterflies hovering on the flowering plants…



Whew… these voracious eaters are feasting on whatever they may find, even the oregano bunch was not spared. I tried spraying malathion on them to no avail. I must pull out their main breeding ground (i.e., sweet potato vines) and try to control the spread.

If i don’t act soon, the new transplanted vegatables¬†might also be in peril soon…

Meanwhile, the sparrow birds keeps getting on my nerves. Until i can cover the vegetable patches with screens can i be able to see the plants grow unharrased by these birds.

On the brighter side, my experiment on HP planters are showing some good signs. Also with the SNAP HP system, i had already harvested some lettuce. Today, my stair trellis/arbor had bear it’s first fruit… courtesy of the bitter gourd (Ampalaya) vines. Harvested also two¬†handfuls of citrus on my lone mini¬†calamansi tree.

After that long dry spell, I am now trying to revive the roses to bloom healthily once again, as well as the orchids… with good signs.

As of date, i had also casted slab on the roof to complement the trellis/arbor phase. Soon, i will be able to complete the trellis/arbor and shall see healthy vegetable vines covering it.

Aug. 30 2010: Sowed various vegetable seeds, making sure that the sowing medium are sterilized.

Aug. 28-29 2010: Continued building up the stair well trellis arbor, put up some corrugated plastic cover and relocated the orchids and the **HP** experiment also with the seed sowing trays…

Aug. 26 2010: Harvested Today Plump Sweet Potatoes!! (See details from my FB account) http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=2060060&id=1629489151&ref=notif&notif_t=like

Aug 8~ ‘2010: Continuation of roof garden structure’s build-up, after a long hiatus!


After some lengthy days of tumultuos and weedful mind, today is the realization day that the weeds are getting out of control and must be weeded out! It has been a painful yet enlightening experience. As with my garden which was left un-attended for some time, same goes with my mind left to wonder on the unchartered territory. But it’s not yet all too late… ALAS!! The day of enlightenment had finally came forth… CLEANSING FOLLOWS ūüôā

May 29, 2010: Today, i revisited the roof garden and pulled out plenty of weeds and old plants that wilted and died from the drought’s heat.¬†I also casted the 3rd and 4th planter steps. Slowly but surely the roof garden cum terraces are gradually coming into place. Tomorrow will be seed sowing time. Soon enough with great hope… intense summer heat will be over and rainy days are here again.

APRIL~MAY, 2010: Oh Well… the garden had suffered much from the brunt of El Nino’s Brutal HEAT!! And so with this BlOG, it suffered intense drought in entries as well. Nevertheless, the eggplants and okra still provides regular picking of not so plump fruits… but they do offer great satisfaction each time they were picked despite the harsh environment they were¬†to deal with day in day out. Oh, i almost forgot, in these times the lone calamansi mini tree had given us much joy in each time we harvest its goodies!!

MARCH: Not much done within this month, except for harvesting of what remains on the vegatable patches (okra, sitao, tomato, eggplant, patola… and lately, kamote and alugbati tops.) I did however managed to put into form the terrace arbor and the plant vines are vigorously racing to cover it in greens…. and this excites me too.

4th Wk, Feb: Continuous harvesting of okra, tomatoes, basil, lettuce and now some bush sitao and an occasional patola and alugbati. Soon will harvest also eggplants and cucumber. I had graduated the pechay and decided to plant sweet potato on the planter bed. I had also been completing the planter boxes on the terrace. It is definitely a real hot week but the plants thrive as long as watered regularly.

3rd¬†Wk, Feb: The¬†scorching heat of the El Nino phenomenon are really becoming unbearable to plants and i had to water them more frequent. But with the looming shortage on water supply, i may soon graduate the vegies and just keep the ornamentals so as to minimize water consumption. On second thought, i am entertaining on my mind to experiment once again with hydroponics…

2nd Wk, Feb: Love Week!! Happy Valentines to All!! The birds really loved nimbling on my plants…. sigh! At the later part of this week i commenced on westside wall planter box and put on it some golden duranta and companioned with bell peppers and vietnam rose.

1st Wk, Feb: Started assembly of stairwell arbor, had +50% progress and bought a flowering vines and trained them to climb on arbor post. The bush sitao turned out to be pole type so i had to put poles for it to climb. The tomatoe fruits are maturing nicely. Had plenty of okras harvested already. Had success on patola polination as one fruit is now growing, will do the same on next ones. Sown today(06Feb) mustard and bitter gourds. Not much happened on this week as per activity wise.

Last Wk, Jan: Nothing much happens this week except that the okra are now bearing fruits. Some not so good occurences on two tomato plant as their fruits stopped maturing (maybe sick or infested inside??). Did transplant some more eggplant seedlings, a couple of cucumber¬†and sown tomato and basil.¬†The 3rd batch of petchay have a hard time growing due to birds nastiness. This is for me an idulgence week generally…

3rd-4th Wk, Jan: Almost Done with the sructure, few slabs and beams remain to be concreted,¬†started the¬†gourd trellis. The tomatoes are in full bloom and plenty of young fruits are growing fast. I am really amazed on the vigour of tomato and eggplant on the apex flatform beam which makes me think that i may have found the missing link on succesful container planting and let’s see when the eggplant bears fruit to fully confirm the observation. Good but very windy week. I had some backlog though on compost tumbler support and chicken cage. This will be next week’s focus.

2nd-3rd Wk, Jan: Continuous process on roof garden structure(nearing completion). Next weeks focus is on planter bed concreting and transplanting of pechay/lettuce. The orchids lane is getting filled with new varieties and the mini yellow roses are in bloom. Also, i need to cast the arbor/trellis for patola which is now starting to climb… and don’t forget the chicken cage and composter tumbler bin support.


12 Days of January

Jan 1: pechay seed sprouted

Jan 2: lettuce sprouted.

Jan 3: Transplanted louffa seedling to old tire planter. Must build the trellis as soon as it starts climbing. For today’s lunch, i pinched off some lettuce and sweet basil for a mini salad treat. ohhhhh so fresh and crispy… tastes so good!!! Assembled the tubular form for the 4th post for terrace arbor and will cast concrete tomorrow AM.

Jan 4: Thinned the 1st pechay bed for excess, alloted for lunch treat. Casted the 4th arbor post. bought some garden tools, plumbing fixtures and seeds. sowed beans and cucumber.

Jan 5: Trimmed all the companion pechay at pail planters and topped up with soil for a full speed blooming send-off.

Jan 6: Some life lessons learned today(personal blog). Commenced back on completing roof structure retrofitting (slab concreting).

Jan 7: Bought more gardening supply and tools and potted pink rose. Rearrange orchids on hanger post/bar. Bush Sitao is sprouting! Transplanted some bell pepper seedlings each into seedling pots (these bell pepper was kitchen left-over that dried, i just put it unto tree planter bags and they sprouted to my surprise).

Jan 8: Experimenting on natural organic based pesticide spray on rose aphids ( i wish to restore back the health of some mini-roses left unattended for a long while). Done putting pipes on compost tumbler bin, next to do is the main support. Transplanted bush sitao seedling to grow pails.

Jan 9: Bought a pair of orchids and re-arranged them at hanger/post. Must cast the other 2 post to complete the orchids’ lane. Got a freebie of hot¬†chilli(labuyo) growing in companion with a certain plant and replant them separately. Some good sign on corn seeds, they will soon germinate although i must add more seeds since the corn patch as they say likes to grow¬†in bunches for pollination purposes. i will allot 10pcs planter pail for them (2×5 arrangement). Treated the roses with pesticide to control aphids infestation. Laid in place the 4th arbor post. Sown corn seed to pail (3each x 4).

Jan 10: Fertilized fruit bearing vegies. Concreting of planter bed slab(partial). Transplated 4th bush sitao. Bought 5 chicks and hanging pots.

Jan 11: Continuation of slab concreting. Regular day of plants tendering.

Jan 12: Done concreting the west side slab, soon to follow is completion of the east side. Must check regularly early signs of infestations to control pests outbreak, have to remove them manually and avoid using chemical pesticide. Harvested most of the first batch petchay. Gave some to neighbor and the trimmings went to compost bin.


Start : 4th Quarter 2009

Now a work in progress, on my home. Funding source => stock market trading gains.

–¬†The existing roof is being retrofitted structurally and i have to construct on top¬†of it the main structural components¬†¬†that will support the gardening loads for¬†long term period.

– In the meantime, i¬†had sown¬†various seeds and glad to report here that some of them had sprouted already…

– Will post some pictures as they came along…

Update 1, (29Nov’09) :¬† Roof Structure Retrofitting

I had completed concreting the 1st sloping upstand beam support. Tomorrow I will start¬†the other one. After finishing both, to follow shall be the apex beam and the wall supported beam on both ends. The Roof slab that will carry the soil shall be carried by this main carrying upstand beam members. Target schedule for at least 70% completion¬†shall be on or before X-mas ’09.

Update 2, (09Dec ’09) :¬† Roof Structure Retrofitting

Main support beam = +80% done. Roof Slab started…. Within this weekend shall see the transplanting of some pechay seedlings to the main planter bed.

Update 3, (11Dec ’09) :¬†¬†Transplanting!!

Today, this morning i completed putting soil/compost on the 1st planter bed. Since the sky is of cloudy outcast, i decided to transplant the first batch of petchay seedlings and the lettuce.

Update 4, (15-16Dec ’09) :¬†Nuisance!!

The Sparrows (Maya Birds) are proving to be nuisances. They are eating the transplanted seedlings so i have to replant again to replace the damaged ones. Today i had to put-up some nettings to protect the seedlings from these nuisance.

Update 5, (17 Dec ’09) :¬† De-commisioning!

After more than 6 years of service, i graduated and dismantled the roof shed that covers the concrete stairs leading to 2nd floor. I plan to replace it with trellises which will serve as vines trellis. Preferably gourds which will serve fresh vegies and shades as well.

Update 6, (19-20 Dec ’09) :¬† Transplanting Again!

Yesterday, I laid the 2nd planter bed/CHB steps. Today, i filled it with soil/compost mix and transplanted pechay seedlings. Another cloudy outcast day.

Update 7, (28-29 Dec ’09) :¬†A Lull??

A temporary lull in roof structure build-up gave me some time to continue with the built-up of the Arbor/Trellis which i started some time ago on the front terrace. Yesterday, i pre-casted the 3rd post and soon to follow the 4th one.

Today, the louffa has sprouted!!

Update 8, (30 Dec ’09) :¬†Sowing Again!

I sowed 2nd bathes of pechay and lettuce, and first batch of hot pepper.





2 responses

12 07 2011
doon po sa amin

hello, haribon! hanggang sa 3rd week of jan pa lang ang natapos ko. ahaha, parang gusto kong masilayan ang rooftop garden mo – ang galing!

next time ko na babasahin ang 12 days of jan pababa. bale, journal, journal ito ng mga petsay, okra, pipino atbp. ano? lols!

hala, ganitong panahon sa amin maraming tanim na pipino. ‘yong light green cucumber ang mas itinatanim sa amin – ansarap no’n…

dig on! plant on! hihi… ūüôā

12 07 2011
Haring Ibon


i would love to show you off my roof garden, but at the current situation, it will just spoil your curiosity. plenty of work still need to be done and hope to get them online by the end of the year.
slowly but surely… i’m getting there ūüėČ

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