+ Good Bye and Rest In Peace… My Beloved Pet :( +

28 01 2011


Jan 28, 2011 +3PM, our beloved pet dog “Alwina” of almost 7 years passed away today, she died a virgin.

May you still keep on guarding us when you go to heaven.





3 responses

6 07 2011
doon po sa amin

last night, K_ our dog of more than four years passed away. he was also called el terrible and pangit-baho. he was a makulit and wonderful dog…

may he be happy wherever he is. 🙂

7 07 2011
Haring Ibon

sorry to hear that 😦

indeed, seeing a companion for long time pass away is such a heart breaker.
we had a replacement of our dog before her death, but strangely though, i had find it hard
to move on and enjoy the company of the new dog… only my son had kept giving him with endearment.
maybe because i had outgrown the liking of pet dog or maybe something else… raising livestock perhaps.

from time to time, our perspective in life does change, for the better hopefully 😉

8 07 2011
doon po sa amin

thanks. sinabi mo pa… 🙂 sana naman nga…. :-

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