Philippine Herbal Medicine

8 02 2011
Herbal medicine is defined as the use of natural herbs and plants for the treatment or prevention of diseases, disorders and for the promotion of good health.Medicinal plants and herbs has been used by our Filipino forefathers for many centuries. This knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. In the past few years, a renewed interest on this natural method of treatment arose not only in the Philippines but worldwide. This popularity will continue as medical science validates the affectivity of many medicinal herbs as alternative medicine. 

This Philippine herbal medicine site is presented in a layman’s language for easy understanding. The contents herein are based on sources such as medical publications, bulletins, articles and other reliable sources that we have gathered, condensed and edited for easy reference.



4 02 2011

Whenever we get to divert our focus away from what we had previously set forth on our life’s path, more often than not, we tend to be frustrated on the next turn of events.

Why is it so?

Maybe it’s a way of keeping us back at ground, and probably keeping us away positively from being dragged to greater frustrations later.

As it came across as clear as blinding light, indeed there is truth to that.

I had been daydreaming for quite some time and was suddenly knocked off my deep slumber.

Realizing, i still have plenty of backlogs on my previous schedules that need full immediate attention and must attend to them right away in order to move on for much bigger things forthcoming.

Indeed, life works in mysterious ways…. but definitely gets better and better 🙂