Going Nowhere… Hard Luck Knocking…

25 04 2011

Hard Luck Knocked on my door and forced its way in …




Currently, life had thrown on me the biggest stumbling block and i haven’t seen it coming… i was hit really hard.

Literally speaking, it’s been a long struggle that went down the drain…

I am out of words to describe the chain of events, maybe later if i get sober, i’ll write more of it here…

As of how i may recover from this event, only time will tell…

What I need to do now is to recollect and pick up the broken pieces…….   of my old self and glue them back or grind the chunks to mold a new self.




3 responses

28 06 2011
doon po sa amin

hey, it’s the way you put it that i liked, ha? not the tough luck… 🙂

hello, haribon! btw, di ba org ang haribon at may foundation pa, tama ba?…

4 07 2011
Haring Ibon


i think now after awhile contemplating, that the hard luck i thought of previously was not that likely at all. to put it into better perspective, i like to view it now as another learning experience and if we continue to strive harder facing life’s challenges… things may turn out for the better eventually.

re: haribon, yeah it’s an organization / foundation focused on environmental issues. during college days i get to be involved with them indirectly and that is where the seed of awareness was sown and it was never pulled off me since then…

actually growing stronger in each day passing…


8 07 2011
doon po sa amin


parang ang positive naman ng outlook mo. saan naiigib ‘yan? ahaha… 🙂

tamo, nag-haribon nga kayo… ang galing naman.

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