Let’s Get Physical…

8 05 2011

Rest of May: I drop the nightly run and instead inserted in between the roof garden works. It’s enough already for my work-out since already getting good results on weight loss regimen. Will concentrate for now on gardening works.


May 11: Track Work-out at night. Gradually increasing base run limit by at least 10% a week now pegged at 6. Included some strengthening and speed work. Planned to put up more plyometrics on next runs. Must focus more on dieting.

May 09: Uphill run work-out outside the track. Done a 4set uphill-downhill run, mind wanted an extra lap but the knee jerked a warning sign not to push harder and so i quit. More than half hour work out though and that will be enough.

May 2011: Slowly picking up strides on physical fitness with intent to pursue at least 2x weekday night runs and a weekend sorties. I’m also getting more conscious on dieting by lessening rice intake and replacing instead with alternatives.


April, 2011: Not much done lately, except for few out of town beach front swims. I was knocked off my chair but still trying to paint a wryly smile …


Mar 29: Easy Night work-out at the track oval. 2xwarm-up, 5xeasy(time to beat 14:25), stretch+no weights work-out. I don’t want too much strain on this starter to avoid traumatic bodily aftershock. The next day I’ll try some Hard-Easy combo and get serious on the diet.


I’m Slowly returning back to outdoor physical activity.

For the last two weekend, i am gradually re-integrating the base endurance preparation for my swim. My respiratory system is resisting the re-introduction of sudden change by giving me a bout with nose and throat irritation. Indeed, when one gets sidelined for very long, a transition is somehow hard to accept either by the mind or body. But i must not get distracted. I think i need to spruce it up with other activity like cycling and or running to get the juice flowing.

But i must remind myself, all things done too soon can be destructive in the long term. Just take it one step at a time, ride and stride in style.



3 responses

28 06 2011
doon po sa amin

aww, you seem to be such a disciplined person – triathlon! am having a hard time just climbing up the MRT and LRT steps, pambihira… 🙂

saan naiigib ang ganyang determinasyon, haring ibon? 😉

4 07 2011
Haring Ibon

what can i say? character ko na siguro yan hehehe

di kasi ako mapalagay kapag di ako pinapawisan, kaya either sports or gardening, i need to do whatever it is that my mind wishes.


8 07 2011
doon po sa amin

ang sipag, ahaha… “)

i used to run, way back, sa university avenue, 2 or 3 lapses. but then, for a while, ibinawal ng doktor. since then, hindi ko na naibalik as before. erratic na or minsan (gaya lately), hindi na halos…. :c

brisk walking na lang paminsan-minsan. or the dogs walk me, lols! 🙂

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