“Today I start the Change I Want to See”

24 07 2011

“Today I start the Change I Want to See”

Lord, let me be the change I want to see

To do with strength and wisdom

All that needs to be done

And become the hope that I can be.

Set me free from my fears and hesitations.

Grant me courage and humility.

Fill me with spirit to face the challenge

And start the change I want to see.

Today, I start the change I want to see.

Even if I’m not the light, I can be the spark.

In faith, service and communion

Let us start the change we want to see,

The change that begins in me.”


… “Change” is the only thing that is permanent in this world. …and so be it. God’s Will’ be Done !!

We may have the power to control changes in our own self,
but that may not reflect on the entirety of the world that is
clamoring for a change.
if we start reflecting on our deeds, we may find that there are indeed
something that needs changing, as the saying goes
you can always see a speck of dust in somebody elses face but
the whole lot of mud that covers your body may seem to be invisible to you,

for who are we to argue with god’s plans?…if it is God’s Will for change to take effect, so be it! Let it be done
…time can only tell

…makes me wonder again, did we all learn from our past?

…if not, we still have plenty of time to straighten up and correct
whatever needs correcting.
…like in my stock picking, plenty of rules i had violated before and
the outcome of my performance tells all.
to all of us and to whole Filipino nation as well, let’s all start the change today and see what we want to be done!

…i think that most of us are so much dwelling on the current situation,
we might have been missing on something that maybe dawning right
on the horizon,
…the present is were we live now, but the future is where we are all going to be, the past is were we must analyze and learn…which most of us tends to forget…when i say a white paper having a dark spot, or maybe the paper had been all soiled up, it had become a distasteful waste and of no use.…we keep on barking at these “pest’s” in the oposition and administration,
but have we checked ourselves on the mirror? Isn’t it already a culture of the entire filipino to be corrupt, not just the official… who in the first place put them there?
…and going back to soiled paper, all is not lost. try dipping it in water and it will crumble into bits… now do the the recycling and you may be able to make a clean piece of paper out of that soiled one.…maybe you were right?

armageddon maybe the only solution!!

that is, dip the entire populace into water and recycle back…
a “culture cleansing” if i may say

“Good and Evil”
“Black and White”
“Night and Day”
“Sunrise and Sunset”
“Sun and Moon”
“Awakening and Sleeping”
“Peace and War”
“Health and Sickness”
“Rich and Poor”
“Bullish and Bearish”
etc. etc. etc.
All Contrasting… Right?? These are all part of the ingredients of the world we live, isn’t it?
Whatever we say or do, those are facts and it will never change…
They will be here to stay for these are all the essence of a balancing
of what we call life.
…at the end of the day… life must go on, come what may

“Today I start the Change I Want to See”



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