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5 08 2011

Waiter Moments – Only in the Philippines

1. In a resort while ordering for lunch, we asked the waiter what their specialty was, and he answered what sounded like, “stupid pusit”.

When we asked him to describe it, he pointed the item on the menu: “stuffed pusit”.

2. I went to a turo-turo to buy tapsilog. I told the waitress my order & she replied, “mam, stereo po ba?’.
I got confused & asked her, “ano yun?”. She took out a styro plate & told me, “mam, eto po.
Pag takeout, nilalagay namin sa stereo-powm” .

3. A friend ordered coffee, “Miss, isang coffee without creamer”.

The waitress answered “Sir, wala kaming creamer. Milk ang gamit namin. Ok lang ba sa inyo kung coffee without milk nalang?”

4. My very fat and sweaty friend ordered from the waiter, “Isang lechon manok, dalawang order ng chicken skin, apat na stick ng isaw,
dalawang stick ng tenga ng baboy, isang sisig…at isang Diet Coke.”
The waiter was shocked and said, “Ano, nagda-diet kayo?!?”

5. I called the waiter and said, “Bakit ganito ang ulam, walang lasa! Wala ba kayong cook dito?”
The waiter replied, “Wala po kameng COOK dito, PIPSE lang! PIPSE!”

6. A friend ordered chicken in a resto. When he got his order, he found that there was no fork.
So he asked the waitress, “Ba’t walang fork?” The lady answered angrily, “Ba’t ka naghahanap ng fork, eh diva cheeken ang order mo?”

7. After paying at a fast food, the cashier cheerfully said, “Here’s your BELL , enjoy your MELL”




3 responses

5 08 2011
doon po sa amin

haha, gusto ko ang nos. 3 & 4…. 🙂 hello!

5 08 2011
Haring Ibon

hehehe, pi nost ko ito sa local chat namin sa opis… meron nag react agad, galit daw ba ako sa bisaya? …. hehehe, pahiya ako dun 😛

23 08 2011

hahaha! panalo ang coffee without milk..

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