Chinese man grows rice on roof

15 09 2011

A Chinese man has grown rice on the roof of his house because his city lacked the open space he needed

By Charlotte Bailey
The Telegraph
30 Oct 2008


Peng Qiugen decided to plant rice on the roof of his four storey house in Shaoxing in east China’s Zhejiang province as a novel way to farm in the overcrowded city.

Mr Qiugen planted the rice back in May on his 120-square-metre roof paddy and his crop is now ready to be harvested.

The rice paddy is expected to yield 120kg of rice grains.




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23 11 2011
doon po sa amin

ahaha… ang tibay siguro ng bubong nya. 🙂

kumusta? btw, may bago na akong site pero di ko pa ina-activate. may posts na ro’n but am still thinking kung kaya ko bang mag-dalawang sites. kasi, likely namang magda-dotcom na nga siguro ako. ‘yon lang, antay-antay pa rin ako kung may notice or reply sa sulat man lang bang ipapadala si mr. wordpress.

musta u, haribon? 🙂

24 11 2011
Haring Ibon

yup, hindi lahat ng flat roof naka design para mag carry ng heavy soil weight pero majority naman kaya on certain extent, sa roof farming importante ay lighter ang soil at hindi pure clay mainam ang garden soil mixed with organic material na maging fertilizer na rin pag na decompose. important din ang water proofing at proper drainage para di ma over load ang roof sa soil mix+rain water.

as a structural engineer, i have now determined a much better structural roof framing na mas makapag carry ng heavier soil mix without compromising economy on construction costs… pero on second thought, di naman talaga kailangan mabigat ang roof garden medium, mas importante ay kung papano i supply sa mga plants ang sufficient amount of nutrients… hydroponics for one is a good method, and there’s also some other way waiting to be discovered.

i really hope maging trend ang roof gardening/farming space as being part sa present and future house/building constructions dito sa pinas and the whole world… for self sufficiency ika nga at wala na halos magugutom may safe home pa. some may oft to tender plants while some may oft to rear animals and then, barter of produce between neighbors will become trendy….


glad to hear makikita na ulit online ang iyong mga akda… it’s been a long while you’re missing in action 😦

and i do hope na before i get to embark on the next chapter of my life’s adventures ay makapag meet naman tayo in person para naman mas maging deeper ang ating friendship and not just limited on blogsphere… if ever you may find it acceptable, let’s schedule our meet 😉

until then take care and keep on making your blog friends updated and well informed … cheers!!!

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