‘my Gardening Activity, Year 2012 – “Sowing the Seeds of Awareness”

1 01 2012

“Divine Providence Will make A Way….”


Updates: Feb 18, 2012

The three tomatoes which i had transplanted a month ago, the two of them are now starting to flower. Hope We can get to see some fruits soon!

Also, the vegetables (squash+seeds, etc) trimmings which i buried in the soil to be composted had suddenly sprouted. Great! I think they will grow and cover the plot in the near future.

The realized benefit of this endeavor is that my brother and his family are now becoming aware on the impact of planting at the backyard. They had to tender the plants by watering it and I’m sure they will also become glad like me upon seeing the plants develop into full bloom and hopefully bear fruits as well!

Is the Mission Accomplished? Are the sown seed sprouted and manifested grown awareness? If it is so, then I’m good to go to tackle new challenges that God has in store for me.

Life gets better and better… God Is Really Great!!


Jan 01, 2012

Today is the the first day of the year 2012, and what did i do today?
As i have quoted above..“Divine Providence Will make A Way….”, despite what i had been put up and situated at this desert bounded country, i may still be able to pursue my desire to give life to green plants and help them grow into fruition.

I was lucky that my brother’s house have a backyard plot which is planted with some trees and all others were simply weeds(?)… i think not. Everything that God made has a purpose… even weeds.

As i woke not so Early this morning, i cleaned up the fallen leaves and make a plot bed. As i move around i noticed that some of the weeds are actually possible source of my plant juice brew. I collected some of them and i’ll make later my first FPJ of the year… need to buy brown sugar first 🙂

Also, there were 3 pcs of tomato seedlings right off the dirty kitchen door and were eagerly waiting to be transplanted.. so i transplanted them at the the beds i made earlier. Everything seems all set?

I need to make now some other brew, i’ll try to collect fish trimmings from the market and make an FAA… If all these were done today, Next week, the brew shall be ready to be fed to the tomato plants.

If possible, i’ll also try get some other seeds today and sow them for next weeks gardening activities… Tomorrow, i’ll be back to my work-home routine. I’ll ask my nephew to tender the tomatoes seedlings, just water it for the rest of the week until i get back. It seems likely that my weekday-off will be focused on this new found activity.

Life gets better and better, If it’s God’s It Will be Done 🙂


Happy Blessed and Prosperous New Year to ALL

1 01 2012

May All our Wishes and Plans for the A Happy, Prosperous and Better Life Came Forth.