‘OFW, Chapter 2, yr 2012 :)

29 03 2012

Sept 30: Tour Of Duty Finally Ends today.

Will be returning back to Qatar Home-base to tackle jobs at the New Doha International Airport

For two straight months! No home base drop-by. Not much excitement to tell. Just same old routines. The remaining days however dictated how the T.O.D is to be concluded. I was brought to a no turning back situation and must decide for my faith. I decided on what i deemed right for my sake. It was a decision that was taken not so lightly by the higher ups, but eventually, level headed middle managers interceded and things went well for the better part of all concerned. And the outcome goes favorably, into the conclusion of my 2012 Tour of Duty in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Aug 11: T.O.D – Season 2, starts today

Not expecting much activities due to Ramadan. Will just keep busy again on the side.
Aug 02-10: Life at HomeBase
It’s Ramadan. As usual, work life will take a laidback pace. I just kept busy on the experiments and further research and studies of my future endeavors.
Too Bad! The “Habagat” season had dumped heavy rains and many areas including ours got flooded again. It’s barely 3 years past since teh onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy.
This is the major reason why I really need to develop our house upwards. I am now planning to pursue the previous plans of converting the ground level space into fish tanks and fresh water holding tanks and we will dwell on the upper space alongside roof garden.
As a consolation, some vegetables planted on our roof garden provided a source of fresh sustenance vegies to help tide the calamity around. Foods gets very scarce during these calamities and getting out of the house to look for food is even more dificult when the flood gets too deep for safety or worst, stagnant. So if we can grow our own food on the upper levels, we don’t really need to hoard too much food stocks. We just need to focus on the primary staple food we can’t grow ourselves, fresh water, fuel, meds and back-up power. What else? I also need to pursue the plans on water movility.
Aug 01: 
Not sure what will happen from today onwards, but learning how to ride the waves passively… I’ll simply ride these waves on where the winds blows it. Next game plan, is to learn how to sink and stay under the turbullent waves when the storm comes.
July 31: 5th KSA TOD end today.
Realization: My life for the past months had been like a raft/boat, being tossed here and there by the ocean waves. I think all of these  events were happening as part of a training for the grander plans. That eventually, whenever I get to pursue the objective of going to the ocean and master the  way of the blowing winds, ocean waves, currents and pressure at depth.. I am already prepared of the tossings that will happen with certainty…. If it’s God’s Will, It will be done. 🙂
July 08: 5th KSA TOD begins.
June 30-July 07: Long Stay at Home-base: We had prepared tendering job for a proposed covered multi-purpose stadium in Lusail Qatar intended to be used for 2022 FIFA World Cup to be sponsored by Qatar.
This stay was a mixed of emotions and once again, personal challenges. It was tough but I’m glad to have mustered strength to cope up. The Lord had been on my side all along the way even at the times of difficult sleeping situation… literally difficult!
June 29 2012: Attended the 9th anniversary of ALCC (Assembly of the Lord Christian Church) Qatar.
Met in person Ptr. Steve Kuban. Another wonderful spritual experience!
June 27: 4th Monthly T.O.D. ends. Back to Homebase.
Once again, i played the cards passively… and the less stressful it gets for me.
Will be staying again for more than a week at home base to finalize bid procedure for KASC Sports Stadium. I learned we’ll be preparing also for another project tendering for sports stadium but this time around, the project will be here in Qatar.
May 31: 4th KSA Monthly Tour of Duty Begins.
May 25 ~ 30 : Will be staying a little longer at home base to process some project tendering for KASC Sports Stadium in Jeddah, KSA.

I realized that more and more the spiritual self hungers for nourishments. And the nourishment it deserves, it gets… The Spirit had been manifestings the desire to grow more and more to overwhelm the entirety of my whole-being. All I just need to do is allow it to take full control… and the feeling is simply astounding!


Sad News: On the 28th of May, Villagio Mall got burned! 19 persons (including nursery students and Filipina Teachers) died due to smoke suffocation.. May Gob Bless and Give Peaceful Rest to thy Poor Souls. A very very sad day for QATAR 😦 😦


May 24: 3rd round Monthly Tour of Duty ends.

I had kept myself alligned with the game plan, i.e. to play it passively. The bottomline result… Less Worries 🙂 However, on the investment side of life.. the general picture is all too different. But I guess, plenty of learnings still coming and I expect it to happen that way.

April 27: 3rd round tour-of-duty begins.
I will keep my level of expectations to very minimum so as not to disappoint self. The gameplan: Play passively on the main court but devise pro-active plans on the back court. Implement plan B and or C, if highly nescessary.
April 25-26: Back to Qatar home base!  “High Expectations, diminished outcome 😦 “
This 2nd round tour of duty found in me both extremes of emotions dragged into play. At the earlier start up until past mid-way, pleasantries brought by new found learnings kept my level of happiness to certain highs. However, realization that not all good things are meant to last,  creeping in suddenly just as fast as the desert weather can change its mood. Yes, this month I had seen drastic changes in weather. Most thursdays and fridays I had seen hail storm followed by sand storms. Some other days it will be cloudy mornings then heavy rain-pour at night-time. One nice thing after the rainy night is that bright sunny day follows next… but for how long lasting it will be, i stopped guessing already.
As I am realizing now while contemplating on the days passed by, the flow of my emotions had also been highly erratic like the weather.
The last days before the monthly duty nears an end, stress nerves had ran wild and spiked to levels I find hard to control. The event triggers are either direct and or indirectly related to my work environment. The company’s flow of administrative and policy process had gone haywire and affecting all of us with its backlashes.  Clashes of nerves simmering to the brim had eventually found the need to vent its steam. Chaotic actions are nothing but inevitable…. and I was dragged upon it, though I tried as hard to stay in the sidelines. With expected plan of actions finding itself shortchanged,  I succumbed and blown my fuse off with emotional spike, I had decided to call it quits. So I  packed all my things and went back to home base.
Back at home-base, I thought the un-eventfull had came to pass… but not yet! Just like what the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours!” But the exhausted physical entity had been too slacking to catch up with the weary worried mind. It must take rest and hope that the next day will turn out eventually fine like the sun coming out after the rain.
The next day, the hang-over of yesterdays’ emotional wrath lingers but sobriety gradually seeps into the permeable layers of deep resolve. A decision had been made. I will take things lightly from here-on and play passively within the confines of present play-field.  The intent of studying alternative pro-active plans just in case bad situation develops to worse must be given priority.
March 31: Back again in KSA, 2nd round tour-of-duty… with high hopes and expectations 🙂
March 29-30: Back in Qatar!
Arrived in Doha around 8PM, almost 6 hours land travel from Riyadh. I stayed for a night at my room in Camp Alkhor. The following night i joined my Bro and family. I learned that the plants i left behind nearly a month ago which were then tendered by my bro and son are now in full bloom and tomatoes are fruiting (see picture below). I also got re-acquanted and drove my previously owned Honda Civic which i transfered to my brother when i returned back to PH in 2009. I bought a decent digital camera which i really need to document my work and passion’s progress. The next day is church day. I am always looking forward to it especially the pinoy food cooking, but as it was, it’s a usual last friday fasting so no treat for me 😦 . Nevermind that as I already had my fill of spiritual and mental sustenance upon knowing that the seed of awareness i sowed few months ago are now bearing it’s fruit. After church, i took my niece to VILLAGIO Mall where she’ll celebrate her B-day with friends and classmates. I took that chance to roam around, bought some gardening supplies and tools, bought a couple of books at VIRGIN Store and while waiting for my niece, spent most the time reading the books. More life insights are given from these books. It was a rainy night and we then drove back home along the wet streets, was literally tired and went to sleep. It will be one of the most unforgetable short stay in Qatar and looking forward for the next month’s return. When i’m back to KSA, i will be busy on my roof and indoor gardening activities. GOD IS GREAT! Life goes better and better 🙂
I mentioned <here> that the tomato plants as shown above were simply taken from self sprouted seeds that were thrown from the kitchen. While the squash were from trimmings that i burried in the soil to be composted. Look at them NOW! These plants are the living proof  as if to say that life here on earth, even when put to difficult situation will try to find a way to grow and fulfill it’s purpose as what Our Creator had intended it to be.
March 28, 2012: After 25 days Tour of Duty in Riyadh KSA, I’m back today here in Qatar for a few days stay. Shall be back again to KSA maybe this coming saturday. That 25 days had really gave plenty of ups and down on my physical and mental well being. Before this months tour-of-duty got wrapped up, i vented out some negative energies in order to have some urgent matters properly addressed. When i return back, i hope things will start to shift more on the brighter side. Always trying to be pro-active for a better and better life…

Mar 04, 2012: Another Milestone for “Haribon’s” Life! The Start for the next decade of life begins today! 🙂 For Better and better.

Mar 03, 2012: I am finally here! Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are involved in Architectural Facade Cladding of some of the buildings in the King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh KSA. My Life’s Adventure goes on and on … 

Coming Soon: My Re-deployment to KSA. Since most of our projects are there, it’s moot and academic now … God’s Will BE Done 🙂

Dec 20-Feb 18: My Life now as an OFW had made sharp contrasting turn from the way i used to live it on the 1st Chapter. To mention few distinct changes; While my work is in the city, I’m now accommodated at a camp that’s an hour drive away from the city. Work off day is now limited to one instead of two consecutive days before. Our daily meals had to be prepared by us, group of Pinoys on rotational basis. One need to woke up as early as 3:30Am to prepare it. These are really new experiences, but i managed to adopt. Work-wise, I also get to handle menial tasks that i seldom did before. It was good nevertheless, as i was able to weed up some rust on my portfolio of skills. Emotional and spiritual, i am glad to have taken good strides on these aspects. So in general, life gets gradually better and more interesting.

Dec 19: Im finally off bound to Doha Qatar. A new day a new beginning. Life gets Better and Better

Dec 07: Yesterday’s rush of things brought today a slight jinx… my surname got mispelled on PDOS cert and i was not able to check it… oh well 😦

Dec 06: Today i obtained my PDOS Certificate and OEC from POEA. I learned new thing today, that the PDOS certificate was only good for 5 yrs but anyone of good computer skills can take the online seminar at a breeze, they termed it EWOF.

Dec 05: With the Visa stamped to PP, i am now required to take PDOS certificate and OEC from POEA. Things went swifter than i thought and now, i am trying to bargain from my employer to at least deploy me after Christmas… but i doubt if that will happen.. i may soon find myself being swept off my feet by the Doha bound winds of faith… current dilema is that i am still yet to resign from current job and do the proper turn-over of work… the headwinds really blown fast and i’m barely able to run along with it… 😦

Dec 04: I am informed that my Work Visa was finally stamped to my passport by Qatar Embassy here in Manila.

November: For the span of this whole month, i got really busy with the document works (school records, professional, NBI) authentication and all those hassles one must endure if going thru the OFW highway… but with some help from a high school friend now working at DFA, I was able to save some time on getting my docs red rib-boned. After sending all authenticated docs to employer in Qatar, it was their turn to process the work visa. Before the end  of the month, they send me by email the copy of my visa, but it must still be stamped to my passport as per the present policy and procedure.

Oct, 4th Week: I was told to proceed for medical testing, i did and a few days later i got the notice that i’m “Fit to Work”

Oct, 3rd week: We agreed on the offer. There and then, the ball gets rolling for the next steps. I was informed i will be under the “Name Hire/Direct Hire” procedure of POEA in order to hasten the process.

Oct, 2nd week: I recieve my formal job offer and we started the bargaining.

Oct, 2011: At the early part of this month, I was contacted by my previous outsourcing clients doing construction jobs for land based industrial plants for Qatar and Saudi projects… back then on my stay in Qatar, I was doing design jobs for them on part-time capacity but this time around, they offered me a full time job as structural engineer.


‘i’m bogged down in the desert…

24 03 2012

… <<<BUT NOT IDLE>>>

‘still on work cum farming – a structural palm tree

12 03 2012

it just recently came across and i’m very much excited on farming 88 numbers of these structural palm trees …

im putting high hopes on this one… to grow under my wings here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 🙂

‘mile high tower

12 03 2012


It is being planned for a new city near the Red Sea port of Jeddah. Behind the scheme is 51-year-old Prince al-Walid bin Talal, who bought the Savoy for £1.25billion in 2005.

The plan gives the Middle East a clear lead over Asian countries and the U.S., who have vied in the past to construct the world’s tallest buildings.

None of the other skyscrapers under construction, including New York’s Freedom Tower on the World Trade Centre site, will exceed 2,296ft.

Experts say the technical challenges are enormous. Much of the lifting will be carried out by helicopters, which will also be used as commuter transport for builders.

The tower will have to be capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures, with its top baking in the desert sun by day but dropping to well below freezing at night.

To resist the strong winds prevalent in the area and stop it swaying, giving its occupants a form of high-rise seasickness, it will be fitted with a giant computer-operated damper.

Two “mini-towers” – both taller than Canary Wharf – will be built on either side of the main tower.

Linked to it by elevated walkways, they will anchor it and act as stabilisers.

Until recently, the still-under-construction Dubai Tower was expected to be the world’s tallest building.

Plans have changed several times to make it higher, but the final version is expected to be 2,300ft with 160 storeys.


MEED says tenders are expected by August 2008, following an “imminent” final investment decision on the project. A source close to the project told the publication: “It is generally understood that the project is going forward. It has not stopped and we don’t think it is going to be stopped. The prince (Al-Waleed bin Talal) has indicated he is ready.” If this is true and construction does go ahead, then it will be approximately twice the height of the current tallest structure, the Burj Dubai.

However, in May 2008 MEED reported that the project has been scaled back. It could be “up to 500 meters shorter” the article stated. Soil testings in the area recently delayed the first phases of the project casting doubt over whether skyscrapers of significant height can be built in the proposed location.”