‘looking at images of life – on micro and macro levels

24 04 2012

how do i begin this subject matter?

let’s take a look at this image… deep within a forest. so natural, so beautiful and prestine, offering a cool and calming sensation to a weary mind…

allow me to take this as an example of a ‘macro level’ image of life.

the next image, a seed germinating represents ‘micro-level’ image of life in any forest. so tender and fragile.

as i like to view it, a forest generally speaking were composition of complex macro/micro-scosm of various levels of life.

from the flora and fauna even down to the more microscopic organisms like fungus and bacteria.

the forest….., on how they came about, were such a wonderful composition, truly a masterfully crafted work of art. Our God’s gift to us, mankind.

so what’s the point?

if you’re reading this, i am thankful for allowing me to go further …

this morning after awakening and preparing for breakfast, sudden rush of insights flowed freely i had to pause for a while. it was like looking through a telescope and a microscope simultaneously. flashes of images and intuitions swelled up deep within the senses.

these kind of events, as i learned from the past experiences and readings, are the pure sources of spark that will ignite flames of enlightenment and understanding about teh way of life itself… i must write about it and share unto you.

while contemplating for further explanation, i browsed a blog-link and thereabout found similar flow of thoughts… sounds weird huh?

let’s dig in…

A Natural Order of Things

Here comes the spacy part. I believe that everything around us complies to the natural order of things – even the inanimate objects. The planets keep their orbit around their sun, solar systems spiral within their galaxy, we see a cyclical procession of the seasons, electrons orbit neutrons and protons, etc. From the biggest out there (galaxies in our universe) to the infinitesimally small (particles at the quantum level), there is a governing natural law to which we all comply with. Stay with me…I have a point here. I maintain that that same law acts upon all of us to flow a certain way, to make things happen a certain way. We don’t see this because we are creatures of control. We over-ride this law (free will?). We want to control ourselves and we want to control our environment. … thelonerider



(to be cont.)



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