14 05 2012

Pestilence does not mean the farm is totally anihilated. Even the pest ‘locust’ can be proven as source of food protein.

A clean sheet of paper with spilled coffee on it does not mean the paper is wasted. If one looks further and open his mind, he may found out that the spilled coffee can be a useful thing on top of the spoiled(?) piece of paper. One can use a brush or even bare hands… to transform the spilled coffee into a “coffee paintings”

Just like with the stock market now which is badly battered and bruised. The trading phraise “Sell in May and Go Away” is the flavor of the month and is literally causing ‘MAY’hem.

However, I prefer to look into a bigger picture that is bigger than the price charts itself.

In doing so, I engaged fully all my radar scanner. Scanning from the fields that had been badly hammered with outbreak of pests. I only found one that had been infested way before the market got hit with pests and seemed resilient now. I could not resist picking it and it closes green today. Will it prove as the probervial nail that sticks out? Or am I talking too much about pest?

And same goes with Our Beloved Philippines. In here I see a great chance to unite All Filipinos againsts a foreign aggressor. To once again lit the fire of Nationalism and Patriotism. To once again stand up and Be United. The Opportunity is being offered in a silver platter…. we must grab it with open hands. It’s now or never.
. . .

Yes Indeed! Opportunity Can Be found in any Disaster. It always prove true.




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