…Touching Base, In Accordance to God’s Divine Plan

12 06 2012

By God’s Grace, A Blessed Good Day!

I am humbled to inform that this action to touch base is in accordance with the calling by the Grace of Our Lord God to mutually work together towards the uplipment of life for the present and future welfare of the humankind…

Long time before, I had heard about Sir John Templeton as a Great Investor and Philantropist, but to admit rightly so, I only get to study further about His life-works after the Divine Omnipresence had directed me to do so.

As I have learned and realized, the life-works of Sir John Templeton is vey much similar to the path that i am traversing now.. the path to “Great Stewardship of God’s Wealth.” The path that had been made clear with the wonderful insights and manifestations that the Holy Spirit had been giving me in my life.

I believe there is more to be done whilst the heavenly voice spoke and instructed me, to get in touch to your graceful organization. The voice tells, that together, if we work by the Divinely Directed Purpose, shall achieve more than we ever imagined possible as a separate entity.

It is Willed and it will be done! For the glorious fruition of our journey ahead… the upliftment of life for all mankind… to the fulfillment of God’s Glory!

. . P.S.

I am taking the opportunity to present my life-works, written and documented here on my blogsites (My life, My Passion, My Investing…)

It is instructed by the Holy Spirit that I am to hear from you, in God’s most opportune time.

If it’s God’s Will, It Will be Done.



7 responses

12 06 2012

You are so blessed, Sir!

Spread the word and touch more lives…

Thank you for reminding me that “Life is a Bliss”!!!

12 06 2012
Haring Ibon

I am gloriously delighted knowing the intended purpose is hitting its mark… in accordance to thy Divine Plans.

Life is indeed A joyfull Bliss… in the midst of Our Dear Creator.

12 06 2012

Again Sir, I thank you so much for the enlightenment I had…

I am reposting your comments sa entry ko as an independent post…

I hope it will have the same effect to others who are now burdened as it had on me…


12 06 2012
When Life Throws Us A Snowball…Payo ng Haring ibon « Chilledhoney's Blog

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18 06 2012

this is inpiring sir 🙂


18 06 2012
Haring Ibon

deepest thanks,
just being obedient in upholding God’s calling and purpose…
god bless us 🙂

5 08 2012

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