Law of Attraction

1 02 2014

“Our thoughts shall be manifested if we focus on it and it will come sooner or later… that’s the way it is! “

Does it really work?

Yes, for me it does!!

An example:

Way back in 2011-2012, during my OFW stint in KSA I had spent most of my idle time studying how to build a submarine and offshore structures and it was coming to a level that it became an obsession. At the end of each of my monthly tour of duty, I went back to Qatar to stay at my brothers’ villa. Their place had a community pool wherein I was able to do some experiments on mock-up prototype submarine. It was an enjoying activity especially since my nephew joined me while having fun!

And then all of a sudden, the tour was put abruptly to an end. It was a cross-road from thereon with no turning back and I had to choose a path. The path I chose led me packing my things for a flight back to my home nest.

So I flew back and stayed more than a year on my home nest and got busy improving it.  All the while, my desire for building my own submarine and offshore structure never waned but got sidetracked a little and just kept at the back of my mind.

I however found my finances slowly draining and need to get a local job. I do found one and learned some new things about human relationship aspects and it made me a more tolerant and sober person.

In between these time, I also tried to return back to OFW bandwagon. I had an opportunity way back Feb 2013 but before signing for the offer, something at the back of my mind told me to step back. It was an instinct call, as I had learned mostly from previous life experiences, when instinct calls… obey it! And so I did, I dropped the offer and its history.

Two more opportunity came for OFW stint, however this time around it was not me who have control of the outcome. Some drawbacks unfolded and the opportunity flew away out of the window. Those disappointments, I’d took as temporary defeats and not really meant to be mine. As I realized now, those job offers I had pursued are not in allignment with my thoughts thus seeing them manifested is basically at nil level.

Now, coming back to the “Law of Attraction”, the 4th opportunity came across. I took the steps required on my part and got good sign of progress. Again however, the waiting time extended to the point of getting frustrated again. I was dis-illusion already at that time, but when the least I expected, that’s the time when instinct knocked once again and says…. just wait!!

So waited and the outcome manifested as how faith would want it to be.

I am here now in UAE, doing the things I wished few years ago… to design and build Offshore Structures and Vessels.

It is a definite manifestation of “The Law of Attraction”… coming into being at the Best Possible Time. We attract whatever we focus on our thoughts. We are a magnet of thoughts as a human being. Either Negative or Positive, our thoughts will become who and what we are.

Now, I can’t be any happier…. in believing.





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