MH370 … lost to oblivion?

14 03 2014

Flight MH370 (MAS370)
KL Malaysia bound to Beijing China…
Went Missing on March 08, 2014 over “Vietnam Airspace (??)”

Almost a week later, still not found.

Floating Theories:

1.0 Hi-jacking / Terrorist Attack On-board

2.0 Mechanical/E&I/System malfunction

3.0 Sudden Structural Collapse due to Hull(fuselage) Fatigue

4.0 Pilot Error

5.0 Pilot/Co-pilot Suicide

6.0 Plane-napping / Kidnapping Passengers

7.0 Alien Abduction

8.0 Shot down by SAMs/ATA Missiles (by who and why?)

9.0 Shot-down by Experimental Weapons (from land/air/space) (by who?)

10.0 Conspiracy Decoy Plans (by who and for what?)

11.0 Bermuda Triangle Like Phenomenon (earth’s magnetic/polar shifting effect? ..etc)

….what else?


The Mystery deepens as the days goes by…

March 21, 2014 Almost 2 Weeks now and till facing a blank wall…

gold investing …

7 03 2014

!I will keep it here, as benchmark reference.

my initial entry at $1270, follow thru @ $1355.00

spot price at this moment ranges at ~$1350.00 /oz.

5 Yr Price Charts

will the gold price retest again the 2011 price high?

maybe Lady Fortuna can give me insights 🙂

…. is there really a Midas Touch thing?

Update 1: March 12, 2014

~1:00 AM GMT … gold price making new short term high, testing the 1360 mark.

~16:00 PM GMT … gold is showing some strength, testing now the 1370 level.

Update 2: March 14, 2014

~13:00 GMT… Gold almost touched the 1390 mark, nearing 1400 now 🙂

Update 3: March 19, 2014

Gold got clobbered for days in a row, making its new short term lows nearing $1330 again… back to square one.


Technical Analysis Session!

Mar 20, 2014: Fibonacci Retracements for 60 days price movements.

Previous Low = ~1240, Recent High= ~1390; Diff = 150

Defining 38.20% Retracement Level, that would fall at 1330 level which so happens to be where the price is now… price actually dipped shortly to 1320(3/19). Hmm… should I add up now?


Mar 24, 2014; Price settled lower touching the 1310 mark. Is that near 50% retracement already? I have an itchy feeling that it seems to be doing the final shake out prior to the next major upward move. Read somewhere about a “Golden Cross” manifesting already. Hmmm, it will be interesting to watch the unfolding turn of events….

I’ll just sit tight and enjoy the show 🙂

Mar 31, 2014: 1300/oz is history for now as the price revisited the 12## territory… ohh well.

Apr 11, 2014: From the previous weeks, Gold price was seen retesting the 3month lowest and almost painted an inverted H&S. Well, where is the price now? Back to 1320s level…

May 10, 2014: For the past weeks, price tip-toed on the 1300 band. Today it’s back to 1290s… i’ll take it as a good sign, coz I need to add up some on better bargain price. Not in a hurry yet though as budgeting is too tight.




UPDATE A YEAR AFTER (14March2015) …





eagles’ wish list no.2

6 03 2014

5~10lbs reduction in body weight by the end of April 2014!

Get busy busy busy burning fats 🙂



First thing first, need to visit clinic and have BP and current weight taken for bench marking.

March 11, 2014 8:00PM UAE Local Time
CLINIC Visit Results;
BP = 120/80
WT = 86.50 kg
HT = 170 cm
HR = 86 BPS

I’m ALL SET to GO! 🙂

Wish List No.1 Granted!

4 03 2014

Bday Gifts

Thank you very much Lady Fortuna for the 999.9 – 1Oz+10gm Golden Gifts 🙂

Happy 43rd Birthday Haring-Ibon 🙂




I read from the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” that jingling Gold in our purses attracts more of it… meaning more wealth. These pair would then set onward for a good jingling start 🙂

Another thing, when I put them in my chest pocket, my heart suddenly beats higher with palpitations…. that’s strange :-/

one spring weekend in Abu Dhabi..

1 03 2014

Red Bull Adu Dhabi Air Race 2014

today I enjoyed two spectacles rolled into one.

– the leisurely afternoon bike ride and the jaw dropping redbull air show race.

what a beautiful and delightful day!

indeed … life gets better and better 🙂

time to stretch muscles…

1 03 2014

new bike1

the cold months had put the eagle in long slumber, the muscles had grown weary and fats accumulated…

rise and shine once more and ride the winds!

… the onshore winds of Abu Dhabi is offering a good start 🙂