MH370 … lost to oblivion?

14 03 2014

Flight MH370 (MAS370)
KL Malaysia bound to Beijing China…
Went Missing on March 08, 2014 over “Vietnam Airspace (??)”

Almost a week later, still not found.

Floating Theories:

1.0 Hi-jacking / Terrorist Attack On-board

2.0 Mechanical/E&I/System malfunction

3.0 Sudden Structural Collapse due to Hull(fuselage) Fatigue

4.0 Pilot Error

5.0 Pilot/Co-pilot Suicide

6.0 Plane-napping / Kidnapping Passengers

7.0 Alien Abduction

8.0 Shot down by SAMs/ATA Missiles (by who and why?)

9.0 Shot-down by Experimental Weapons (from land/air/space) (by who?)

10.0 Conspiracy Decoy Plans (by who and for what?)

11.0 Bermuda Triangle Like Phenomenon (earth’s magnetic/polar shifting effect? ..etc)

….what else?


The Mystery deepens as the days goes by…

March 21, 2014 Almost 2 Weeks now and till facing a blank wall…



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