she’s simply amazing!!

13 04 2014

to the Nth POWER!! 🙂


how can i?

12 04 2014

how can I be able to enjoy visiting and witnessing the beauty of different places and at the same time fulfill the desire to be in 100% tip-top shape?

by far… only one way I know how!

The IRONMAN Challenge… Anything is Possible !!

Man becomes what he thinks about… 🙂

So I am sowing the seeds of wonderful harvesting events to come….


happy birthday..

11 04 2014

Best of Wishes to my better half on her 42nd birthday today 🙂

my chicken meat+vegie soup… in 15min or less!

5 04 2014

2 pcs chicken thighs, 1 medium onion, broccoli, carrots, 1/2 cup water, salt n pepper.

microwave chicken and water for 5mins at med-high. let it cook down by own heat.

prepare the vegies while waiting for the chicken..

next, add in the vegies and SnP shake together and microwave for another 4mins at med-high.

let it cook down again by own heat… that’s it in 15mins or less!

Enjoy and Eat Healthy 😛

let’s get physical…

3 04 2014

Mar 31, 2014: Start of my Night Walk/Jogging at Corniche, my regular route. No bike for now, sort of testing the waters as I speak.

Weighed in prior to maiden start, setting a new bench mark at BW=85.60kg, that’s almost a kilo lost since the last weigh in. Hmmm… Slowly but surely 🙂

April 02 : Start of dual activity, i.e., Jogging(Run) and Biking. 15min easy bike from home to route, 4 sets-5×5 (5mins run/5min walk recover), stiff legs at the first set then gradually loosen up. 2sets-30 reps half push ups. 15min easy bike home. Weather: Warm and Windy. Total Mins Worked = 70min+. Regular Diet: Meat/Eggs/Fish, Oatmeal Porridge+milk/choco/coffee-lowsugar, fruits n vegie, nuts and bread.

April 04 : Weekend Morning Swim. Started 945AM, slightly drizzling, cloudy and windy and water wavy. My endurance swim level still not returning to old usual, need to focus more on the swim drills!