2015 Planting Season :)

15 03 2015

Cleaning up the Balcony Garden & to recondition the soil.

balcony garden cleaning

Bought sweet corn and Swiss-chard seeds.

sweet corn n swiss chard seeds

Will sow the corn on 9 green buckets a day or two from today.. then plan to intercrop with mungo once the corn had made a head-start.

Will sow swiss-chard on planter tray.

UPDATE #1:  April 10, 2015

celery cherry tomato garlic mustard sweet corn seedlings sweet corn


Abu Dhabi ITU Triathlon – Half Ironman Challenge March 07, 2015

8 03 2015

Challenge Accomplished!! With just few minutes left before cut-off time 🙂


Performance Evaluation:

0.0  No pre-swim warm-up and bubbling routine.

1.0  Suffered panic attack on the start part of swim, due to cold water since I don’t warmed-up and did not used full body and functional swim suit. So I stopped and threaded for awhile and relaxed then continued afterwards. Finally found my rhythm and swam to the end line. I do lost plenty of time though.

2.0 Transition T1, I am still reeling from that swim with nose oozing with sea water. Tried to grab a banana and without much thought of consequence did I gobble it whole! DAMN!!

3.0  On bike part, before I started I gobble a big banana and to my dismay I suffered all though-out the road bike course with bloated stomach due to gas and spasm. When it got mixed up with water and GU gels I took at aid station, my stomach really had a hard time recovering and really made me loss focus, but I did managed again to cross the end line. On the final leg of the ride, my legs started to send signals of muscle cramps but not that obvious yet.

4.0 Transition T2, I could improve my total time on not wasting it here here also. NOW I remember, I got confused where the exit to RUN was and that also eaten up precious minutes!

5.0  Now on the run part, my leg now really send very obvious pain from muscle cramps magnified by transition adjustments. I followed the advise of a fellow to put ice on my tights and it somehow eases the pain for me to continue. That condition lingers all through-out and I had to resort to walk and run approach,  walk each time the leg cramped.

The outcome… I had resorted to just NOT missing the cut-off time!



Official Time:  6hrs 46mins


Things to be managed next time to improve time and performance:

1.0 Good Solid Training… Smarter and Harder!

2.0  Diet, diet, diet!! … meaning, to reduce body fats when race day comes. Achieve ideal performance weight. I was almost at good fitness level before year end vacation of 2014 but got fatten afterwards. Must maintain discipline!

3.0  Improve further on Swim, Bike, Run and Nutrition techniques!

4.0  Upgrade Equipment especially the Swim Suit and Road Bike!